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Why ExactCure?

Getting the patient to get the right drug at the right time is a critical issue in healthcare. Inappropriate medications kill 5 times as many people as car accidents do! In the United States, they cost the healthcare system about  50 billion dollars per year.

Why is this issue so challenging and persisting? While all people respond differently to drugs we often receive the same posology. The goal of personalized medicine is to find the exact mode of treatment for each patient. ExactCure opens the way to what we call personalized modeling.

What is ExactCure?

Our cutting-edge digital technologies allow us to find the right treatment by creating a personalized digital model for each patient.

Our distinctive ExactCure solution: we create what we call the Digital Twin of a patient.

When will the drug be optimal? Can I decrease my dosage? What is the current drug level in my blood? Our brand new concept opens the way to the “Quantified Self of drugs”.


It allows patients to monitor in real time the behavior of a drug in their organism, just as if they got it tested from their blood sample. The unique advantage of our solution is that we do this analysis without drawing a single drop of blood… just through simulation!

Our vision is to live in a world where each individual has access to a personalized medication.

Our mission is to bio-model the personalized effects and interactions of drugs within the body of each individual.

Who created ExactCure?

Frédéric Dayan, CEO, is an expert in modeling for Life Sciences and a former head of Research & Development team at Dassault Systèmes. He holds two Doctorates in Pharmaceutical Science and in Cancer Research, as well as an Engineering diploma from the School of Physics and Chemistry of Paris (“Ecole de Physique et de Chimie de Paris”).

Fabien Astic, Chief Business Development Officer, has 22 years of experience in new technologies working both at startups and large companies.

Fabien holds an MBA from INSEAD, a Master's degree in Electronics & Engineering from the University of Glasgow and an engineering degree from the Grenoble Institute of Technology.

Sylvain Bénito, Chief Scientist Officer, is specialized in mathematical models and their recalibration. He was a Research Scientist in the same startup as Frederic, and then within Dassault Systèmes. His experience includes fundamental research and work in bio-modeling. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and is also a part time lecturer in biomathematics & systems biology.


How does it work?

ExactME is our first Web/mobile solution

If you want to learn more about our vision, look at Frédéric's TEDx Talk

TEDx Cannes Frédéric Dayan

Our innovation by Usage

Imagine that Jenny has a chronic inflammation of joints. As a consequence, she cannot drive or walk when she suffers a crisis. She takes her anti-inflammatory drug in the morning at 7:30, and ExactME on her mobile device shows her that the drug will be efficient at 8:15. She can drive her car and do some shopping. However, she will have to go back home before 11:30 when the drug level goes under the efficacy threshold. If she stays downtown she will not be able to drive back because of pain. With the help of the ExactME application she can simulate her entire day from the moment she takes her medication.

For the first time such a biomodeling technology is put in the hands of patients and health professionals

Our Scientific innovation

We have developed a unique biomathematical approach to create a Digital Twin for patients. This is the technological core of ExactME. Our R&D experts have built this calculation engine in partnership with top-level academic researchers. Our proprietary algorithms guarantee that we simulate the personalized drug response of each patient with the highest precision.

We have invented a specific approach in order to personalize drug simulations on the basis of the patient’s individual characteristics such as weight, age, sex and co-administered drugs and a few other parameters gathered by a questionnaire.

In most cases, we can build a personal Digital Twin in a few minutes.

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