A Patient

Thanks to ExactCure, you can monitor the effects of drugs in your body, based on your personal characteristics. Our solution will ultimately help you avoid under-doses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions, which is especially useful in the case of chronic diseases and multimorbidity. You also have the possibility of monitoring your loved ones and sharing your profile with healthcare professionals. Despite our technology being based on powerful mathematical tools, it is very simple to use!

A Healthcare Professional

Our solution will allow you to run powerful simulations and adjust the posology, based on your patient’s personal characteristics, helping them avoid under-doses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions. What's more, the tool is easily accessible via your Web browser and you can choose to receive filtered alerts from your patient’s Digital Twin. You can therefore help reassure your patients by providing individual real-time monitoring.

A Pharmaceutical Lab

One of our aims is to put the ExactCure solution into the hands of cohorts before market authorization. This will help:
- Lower the cost of new drug development by speeding up clinical trials and increasing the quality of data reported by the cohorts
- Increase the chance to actually get market authorization thanks to a better segmentation of patients
- Develop a Digital Companion to your drug once on the market
- Negotiate a higher pricing with health authorities since you provide an innovative tool together with the medicine.
Our second aim is to provide our solution once drugs obtain market approval. This will allow you to:
- Augment the raw box of medicine with its disruptive Digital Companion and use it as a differentiator
- Get Real-World Evidence & pharmacovigilance through the app
- Make unprecedented correlations between the qualitative feedback of patients and the level of medicine within their bodies
- And prevent health authorities from lowering your price since you now provide an innovative tool together with the medicine.

A Health Insurer

You will significantly decrease health-related costs by providing the ExactCure app to your customers who will be empowered to better manage their own medications. Our solution will also lower re-admission rates and maintain people at home for longer. You will therefore be perceived as a trusted third-party on health matters rather than just a “payer”.