Your Digital Twin
for Personalized Medication

Artificial Intelligence for
Personalized Health

ExactCure develops a disruptive software solution for a better use of drugs.

Our Digital Twin simulates the effectiveness and interactions of drugs in the body of patients based on their personal characteristics such as age, gender, kidney status, genotype, smoker, or any other individual parameter that has a proven influence on a specific medication. We help the patient avoid underdoses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions.


A Twofold Innovation

We offer a unique double innovation:

Patients can predict and visualize
the activity of their medication and are empowered.
Our solution based on Artificial Intelligence
aims at personalizing the bio-models of
drugs and their effectiveness.


  • Assistência pública Hopitaux de Paris

Prizes & Media

  • Assistência pública Hopitaux de Paris